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Central Research Laboratory (CRL)

Ongoing Projects

Title of project and RAKMHSU REC approval number

Team members

Current status

Study of pattern of self-medication practices among residents of selected emirates of UAE RAKMHSU-REC-185-2022/23-UG-M Azza Alahmed
Ashfak Husain Jahir
Mohamed Anas Patni
Ashfaque Hossain
Antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities of Prosopis cineraria. Saif Alkatheeri
Shaikha Almansoori
Dr. Rania Haed
Dr. Adil Farooq
Dr. Manal
Disruption of gut microbiome and behavioral changes in mice. Azza Alahmed
Ashfak Hussain
Dr. Hafiz Ahmed
Dr. Godfred Menezes
Dr. Ashfaq Hossain

Association of polymorphism in 5 HTT gene promoter with hormonal changes contributing to depression in women

Dr Pooja Shivappa
Dr. Talaat Matar Tadross
Dr. Ashfaque Hossain
Mrs. Mahra al Malek
Dr. Ryadh Khoder
Dr. Syed Arman Rabbani

Impact of Community-based Health Education Program on Breast Cancer and its Screening Awareness among Emirati Women in Ras Al Khaimah.

Dr. Syed Arman Rabbani
Prof. Sathvik BS
Dr. Padma GM Rao
Dr. Pooja Shivappa
Dr. Faris El Dahiyat

Identification of Early Immune & Inflammatory Biomarkers for Neonatal Sepsis and Evaluation of the role of Micronutrients on Neonatal Outcome

Dr. Grisilda Vidya Bernhardt
Dr. Pooja Shivappa
Dr. Jhancy Malay
Dr. Anu Ranade-Sharjah University
Dr. Amel Ibrahim Ahmad-Fujairah Hospital
Dr. Olfat Nasir Mohamed Kasem- Fujairah Hospital
Dr.Luay Abdal Wahab Fadl- Fujairah Hospital

Salivary C- Reactive Protein Levels and pulmonary function test in smokers: A Preliminary Investigation in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Grisilda Vidya Bernhardt
Dr. Pooja Shivappa
Mr. Syed Ashfaaq Abdul Hameed -16901008
Mr. Mohammed Shadabul Haqh -16901087
Mr. Jaseer Ahmed -16901090

Microbial analysis of salads prepared at homes & restaurants.
RAKMHSU-REC- 119-2019-UG-M

Neelu Farhath
Hamdan Iftikhar Siddiqui
Ahmed Kubba
Tiba Maad Aljabare
Dr. Godfred A. Menezes

Antimicrobial activity and in-vivo wound healing and anti-inflammatory activity of the polyherbal compositions
RAKMHSU-REC- 121-2019-UG-M

Alya Ali Hasan AlMansoori
Dana Ahmad Maher Sarmini
Widad Maha Darwish
Alya Rashed Alshemeili
Bashaer muaz Alaboud
Sarah Ali Almarri
Dr. Godfred A. Menezes

Hidden Biomes: report on microbes elevator switches & handrails of travellator
RAKMHSU-REC- 125-2019-UG-M

Noufal Noushad
Sai Krishna
Nageena Dileep
Dr. Godfred A. Menezes

Search for plasmid mediated Detection Quinolone resistance (QNR) gene in the family of enterobacteriaceae.

Noor Yaser Asaad
Maram Walid Ballan
Nikhita Jakob
Dr. Ashfaq

Factors Influencing Bactericidal Activity of Normal Human Serum (NHS) on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Sofia Shams
Mohammed Amer
Sara Irshad
Dr. Ashfaq

Studies on comparative analysis of serum susceptibility of biofilm and non-biofilm Acinetobacter baumannii

Yasamin Wisam Suhail
Maroa Ahmed Mahdami
Dr. Ashfaq

Studies on comparative analysis of serum susceptibility of biofilm and non-biofilm Acinetobacter baumannii Comparative evaluation of antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of essential oils with and without antibiotics against selected bacterial pathogens.

Hema . M 16901007
Jasmine. A, 16901053
Anupama. S 16901069
Anjana. S 16901020
Dr. Ashfaq

Oral Candida Colonization and associated Risk Factors among Type-II Diabetic individuals

Dr Juma
Dr Huda
PI-Dr Hafiz Ahmad

Molecular epidemiology and antifungal susceptibility of Candida isolates in around Ras al Khaimah

Dr Hafiz Ahmad Ongoing

Challenges of Breastfeeding during COVID times

Students: Ghania, Luma, Jamal, Zainab, Reem
Dr Hafiz Ahmad-PI

Characterizing infertility and its associated genital bacteria and sociodemographics in the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates: a case-control study

Dr Rami –UAE university - PI
& Dr Hafiz Ahmad- Co PI
UAEU grant- Zayed foundation

Breast milk versus formula milk: benefits and health outcomes

Luma Bassam-1691065
PI-Dr Hafiz Ahmad

Effects of multiparticulate formulation of curcumin on maximal electroshock induced seizures, cognition and oxidative stress in mice

Syed Arman Rabbani
Hemant Yadav

Comparative study on effectiveness of miswak and tooth brush on various aspects of oral hygiene and periodontal health

Sharifa Jameel
Shiasta Abdul Bari
Dr Mustahsen
PI-Dr Hafiz Ahmad

Antidiabetic, antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant properties of bioassay guided fractionation of selected plants

Adil Farooq
Salma Jabnoun
Maryam Razampoor
Fatima Nageeb

Title of project and RAKMHSU: Comparative evaluation of solid dispersions and inclusion complexes for dissolution enhancement of poorly soluble drugs
REC approval number: RAKMHSU – REC – 04 - 2020/21- PG -P

Miss Nameh Yousef Ower – Principal Investigator
Dr KVRNS Ramesh – Supervisor