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Central Research Laboratory (CRL)

About Central Research Laboratory (CRL)

CRL of RAKMHSU focuses on clinically oriented research programs to understand the molecular and genetic basis of diseases prevalent in the UAE. The aim of CRL is to establish itself as a reference research and diagnostic laboratory for infectious diseases and non-infectious ailments such as obesity, diabetes and cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, research in the area of pharmaceutical sciences focusing on bioactive compounds from natural sources also constitute an important area of research. CRL is serving as the research hub of all four colleges of RAKMHSU; namely, RAKCOMS, RAKCOPS, RAKCODS and RAKCON. The collective goal is to create an intellectual atmosphere conducive to exploration of frontiers of multidisciplinary knowledge. The ultimate goal is to develop novel diagnostic tests and products, procedures and techniques of value for the improving health care and wellbeing of people.

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