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Dr. Rania Hamed Abdelhamid Ghanem Profile Picture

Dr. Rania Hamed Abdelhamid Ghanem

Associate Professor & Chief Co-ordinator - Student Academic Advising

Educational Qualification
  • Ph.D., (Plant Biology), Cairo University, Egypt, 2008. 
  • M.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt, 2002.
  • B.Sc., Cairo University, Egypt, 1995.
Professional Career

Natural sciences courses at:

  • MENA College Dubai.
  • Conversion program RAKMHSU

Coordinating Student Academic Advising at RAKMHSU.

Achievements/ Interests/Publications/Awards

1. Secure the admission of BSN program (about 40 students each year) since inauguration by 2013 (1st Batch 1), until the last Batch 2021(9 Batches) excluding 4 years of BSN by Converting Art stream students to Science stream successfully,through condensed program for one semester (5 credits for chemistry and 4 credits for biology) and make them ready to join BSN as Conversion students. Teaching was both face-to-face & online (virtually) during Pandemic.

2. The first one to teach EMIRATES SOCIETY COURSE for all colleges all over the university.

  • Prepare course content, regular modifications, all types of assessments and course delivery.
  • Delivering classes was either face-to face or virtually based on each college circumstances.

3. Activate Academic Advising Process in the university, since 2018 onwards.

  • UMS modifications regarding to run this process smoothly and successfully.
  • Orientation through presentation, at the beginning of each Academic year.
  • Monthly reports covering the whole university.
  • Annual report, giving an overview to each college about its ACAD status.
  • Annual ACAD report, giving an overview to the Academic year/ per college and month by month. 
  • During Pandemic the Advisors run their sessions virtually, to keep in contact with their advisee/s
  • Published several research papers in national and international repute journals. Since joining RAKMHSU 5 papers had been published in the field of Biomedical Sciences, Academic Studies, Education and Academic Advising as follow:
  • Rania hamed & S.G. Rao, "Academic advising overview in higher education [Literature review], International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies. IJAAS 2021; 3(1): 120.128. 
  • Rania hamed & S.G. Rao, "The historical path of academic advising evolution– (Part 1)", International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies. IJAAS 2021; 3(1): 303-309.
  • Rania hamed & S.G. Rao, "The historical path of academic advising evolution: (Part 2)", International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies. IJAAS 2021; 3(1): 422-431.
  • Huda Abutayyem, Farida Fouly, Nancy Awny, Tamer El-Marsafawy and Rania Hamed Ghanem. "Prevalence of Impacted Maxillary Canines and its Associated Anomalies among a Dental College Patient”. EC Dental Science 18.9 (2019).
  • Sally Kamal El Din Mohamed, Dana Abdullah, Suzan Omar, Huda Abutayyem, Tamer El-Marsafawy and Rania Hamed Ghanem. "Knowledge and Attitude of parents towards Avulsed Permanent Tooth of their Children and its Emergency Management at RAK College of Dental Sciences Clinic”. EC Dental Science 18.9 (2019). 
  • 2nd Prize Presentation 8: Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity of extracts of Al Ghaf (Prosopis cineraia) tree leaves extracts.
  • Attended various national and international conferences/workshops in the field of Natural sciences and academic related.