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Faculty Seminar

S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 7th February 2018


Dr. Padma G M Rao Overview of potential health benefits – Fenugreek
Dr. Hemant Kumar Yadav Self-micro-emulsifying drug delivery system
2 21st February 2018 Dr.KVRNS. Ramesh Cold Chain Management
Mrs. Jayachithra Measurement of Uncertainty – An Introduction
3 14th March 2018 Dr. Syed Arman Rabbani Overview of   the workshop on “best practices for planning and evaluation of experiential education”
Dr. Tarun Wadhwa
Mr. Atiqulla Shariff
4 11th April 2018


Dr. Areeg Anwer Ali Herbal and Prescription Weight Loss Products: Use and Misuse
Dr. Adil Farooq Wali Antimicrobial and in-vitro antioxidant activity of   Salvia officinalis fractions
5 25th April 2018


Dr. Shahnaz Usman Overview of Citation International Conference on Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ms. Fasiha Walayat Shah Aroma Therapy
6 2nd May 2018


Dr. Sathvik B. Sridhar Managing stress at work place
Dr. Bhoomendra A. Bhongade Publication: W3
S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 28-9-2016 Dr. Nagavi B.G. Pharmacy Practice & Training in Midwestern University, USA Vis-à-vis RAKMHSU on 26th April is “Can we Relook at our Assessment & Grading System?”
2 28-9-2016 Dr. Amad M. Jamil Al-Azzawi Validity and reliability of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in community pharmacy course at RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RAKCOPS”
3 19-10-2016 Dr. Tarun Wadhwa Zika virus- past, present & future
4 19-10-2016 Dr. Shahnaz Usman Estimation of Clotrimazole in herbal health care product by using HPLC method
5 09-11-2016 Dr. K. V. R. N. S. Ramesh Stabilization  Of Tenoxicam – Captisol Inclusion Complex
6 09-11-2016 Dr. Syed Arman Rabbani Amazing facts@Human Body
7 15-02-2017 Dr. Adil Farooq Wali Antileishmanial Activity of Flavonoids isolated from Propolis (Kashmir Himalaya)’.
8 08-02-2017 Ms. Fasiha Walayat Shah Knowledge and perception towards the efficacy of anti-aging skin care products among female population of Ras Al Khaimah
9 08-02-2017 Mr. Atiqulla Shariff Fast-Food Packaging: Is it Safe?
10 15-02-2017 Dr. Padma G M Rao “ Work Stress Management – A Practical Case Study
11 22-02-2017 Dr. Bhoomendra A. Bhongade Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopic

(DRIFTS) method for the quantification of ranolozine

12 22-02-2017 Mrs. Jayachithra Whats App- As a Teaching Tool”.
13 12-04-2017 Dr. Sathvik B. Sridhar Guidelines for Constructing Multiple Choice Questions
14 19-04-2017 Dr. Omer Abdulraheem Sarheed AACP Conference
15 19-04-2017 Dr. Areeg Anwer Ali AACP Conference
16 03-05-2017 Dr. Sirajunisa Talath The Selfie Obsession
17 03-05-2017 Dr. Hemant Kumar Yadav Importance of Positive Thinking
S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 14th Oct 2015 Dr. K.V.R.N.S.Ramesh “Influence of Nature of Core on the Sustained Release of Naproxen from Microcapsules”
2 21st Oct 2015 Dr BG Nagavi “Competency (Attitude & Behavior) Assessment of B Pharm students – Part 2 ”
3 20th Jan 2016 Dr. Padma GM Rao “BEET ROOT JUICE – A SUPER FOOD FOR HEART”
4 13th Apr 2016 Dr. Sampathkumar “Turnitin – Plagiarism Software Training: practical applications”
5 20th Apr 2016 Dr. B.G.Nagavi
Dr. Padma GM Rao
Dr. Amad M. Al-Azzawi
The first Regional Pharmacy Faculty development workshop in Abu Dhabi: new teaching methodologies
S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 13.11.2014 Dr.Omar Sarheed Dr.Sathvic B.Sridhar Dr.Bhoomendra Bhongade RAKCOPS Strategic Planning 2015-2025
2 11.12.2014 Dr. Syed Arman Rabbani “Evaluation of oral bioavailabilities of two formulations of rosuvastatin and to assess their safety profiles in healthy adult human subjects under fasting conditions”
3 05.02.2015 Dr. Mudassir Anwar Do positive attitudes to pharmacists mean that pharmacists are the first port of call for minor illnesses?
Dr. Hemant Yadav Formulation and evaluation of polymeric nanoparticulate gel for topical delivery
5 29.03.2015 Mrs. Fasiha Shah “Dendrimers – The latest star of biomaterials for controlled and targeted delivery of bioactives ”
Dr. Tarun Wadhwa ‘Intensive monitoring of adverse drug reactions due to anti-thrombotic agents in cardiac patients
Mr. Atiqulla Shariff Gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in a neonate: A case report
6 03.06.2015 Dr. Shahnaz Usman Development and validation of HPLC analytical method for Nepafenac in Ophthalmic dosage form (suspension)”
Dr. Amad Al-Azzawi Development of Objective Structured Practical Evaluation in Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry course: An experience in RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 08.10.2013 Dr. Nagavi B.G. Game Based Learning
2 23.10.2013 Dr. Padma G M Rao LEARNING OUTCOMES – ICME.
3 06.11.2013 Dr. Bhoomendra A. Bhongade TBL
4 27.11.2013 Dr. K.V.R.N.S.Ramesh Amorphous Pharmaceutical Solids.
5 04.12.2013 Dr. Shahnaz Usman Quality by design (QbD) in quality assurance of Pharmaceutical Product.
6 18.12.2013 Dr. Areeg Anwer Ali Antioxidant effect of Arabic gum.
7 01.01.2014 Dr. Amad M. Jamil Al-Azzawi Doping remedies in Pharmacists Realm
8 15.01.2014 Dr. Sunil Dhaneshwar Super Critical Fluid Chromatography
9 05.02.2014 Dr. Omar Abdulraheem Sarheed History of Pharmacy
10 19.02.2014 Dr. Sathvik B. Sridhar E-learning in Medical and Health Science Education
11 03.03.2014 Dr. Sirajunisa Talath Current Trends in Forced Degradation Study for Pharmaceutical Product Development
12 19.03.2014 Ms. Smitha C. Francis Nutritional Pharmacy
13 04.05.2014 Ms. Fasiha Walayat Shah Boutox
14 30.04.2014 Mrs. Jayachithra Elemental Analysis of Pharmaceutical Drugs by ICP OES Method.
15 14.05.2014 Mr. Atiqullah Shariff Drug Utilization Evaluation of Fluoroquinolones
16 11.05.2014 Dr. Tarun Wadhwa Evidence Based Clinical Pharmacy
S.No. Date of Conference/ Workshop Faculty Title of Conference/Workshop
1 31.10.2012 Dr. Sirajunisa Talath Anti-microbial Studies Of Quinolone Derivatives
2 31.10.2012 Practice School Student’s Presentation
3 21.11.2012 Dr. Sathvik B. Sridhar Plagiarism
4 5.12.2012 Dr. Bhoomendra A. Bhongade 3D-QSAR studies on Urokinase Plasminogen Activatior Inhibitors.
5 19.12.2012 Ms. Fasiha Walayat Shah New Forms Of Therapy For Pleural Effusion
6 16.01.2013 Mr. Atiqulla Shariff Insulin Passport
7 06.03.2013 Dr. B. G. Nagavi Quality Assurance Of Pharmacy Education-The Gold Standards
8 03.04.2013 Dr. Sunil Dhaneshwar Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC)
9 08.05.2013 Mr. Jinesh Nagavi Development of a validated stability- indicating HPLC method for Clomipramine Hydrochloride
10 15.05.2013 Dr. Shahnaz Usman Post market surveillance of different brands of Ofloxacin 200mg tablets available in local market of Karachi (Pakistan)
11 15.05.2013 Ms. Jayachithra R Development and validation of stability- indicating HPLC method for the estimation of Lafutidine
12 22.05.2013 Dr. Areeg Anwer Ali Improving the relationship between research and policies based on the evidence
13 22.05.2013 Dr. K. V. R. N. S. Ramesh Thermal Methods of Analysis in Pharmaceutical Research
14 29.05.2013 Dr. Amad Al M Azzawi Organ Trafficking
15 29.05.2013 Dr. Omar Abdulraheem Sarheed The calculation of Impact Factor
16 05.06.2013 Ms. Smitha C. Francis Sleep health awareness in pharmacy undergraduates and practicing community pharmacists.
17 13.06.2013 Dr. Padma GM Rao Qualification Frame work: Emirates
18 19.06.2013 Dr. Tarun Wadwa Drug safety