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Last updated on: 15 Nov 2021

International Interprofessional Case Competition

We are very happy to know that our student team along with Dr. Sathvik Sridhar have participated in the 1st  annual “International Interprofessional Case Competition” (I2C2)  held virtually on Sunday, November 7 2021.

We are very proud to know that our students team belonging to RAKCOMS, RAKCOPS and RAKCON have done extremely well by securing the highest score and becoming the winning team.  Our heartiest congratulations to the below students:

  1. Ms. Alika Joann Pinheiro-RAKCOMS
  2. Mr. Zehdi Alaa Aldeen Eydou-RAKCOMS
  3. Ms.Safeera Sherin-RAKCOPS
  4. Ms. Nour Aymn Ahmad-RAKCOPS
  5. Ms. Nastaho Mohamed Ahmed-RAKCON

Our special congratulations to Dr. Sathvik (Professor & Chairperson, Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacology, RAKCOPS) for participating as a Judge.  I am sure this is only the beginning and I have no doubts that our students will utilize every opportunity to keep RAKMHSU’s Flag high and flying.