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Dr. Juma Al Khabuli

Associate Professor

Educational Qualification :
  • BDS
  • MDentSci
  • PhD
Professional Career :
  • Oral biology and tooth morphology
  • Oral pathology
Achievements / Interests / Publications / Awards :

Interest: oral neoplasia and oral ulceration

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  • April (2016): “Use of Antibiotics in Dental Practice” 8th International Conference and Exhibition on Dentistry and Oral Care, 18-20 April, 2016, Dubai, UAE (speaker)
  • Febrauary (2016): Leadership and Emotional Intellegence Workshop, RAK College of Dentistry, RAKCODS, 22nd February, 2016, UAE (participant)
  • Febrauary (2016): Seminar on ASPIRE-to-Excellence in education in the healthcare professions, RAKCODS, 20th  Feb, 2016, UAE (participant)
  • January (2015): Optimization of Chip and Optimization of Immunohistochemistry/ Immunocytochemistry Seminar,  RAKMHSU, 25th Jan, 2015, UAE (participant)
  • September (2014): Fundamental in Implan Dentistry Part-1, CME, RkCODS, 18th September, UAE (speaker)
  • May (2014): 5th RAKMHSU Students Scientific Conference “Infectious Diseases in the UAE”, RAKMHSU, UAE (Judge)
  • April (2014): International Students’ Dental Conference, Sharjah University, 2014, UAE (Debate Judge),
  • March (2014): Workshop, leadership, RAKMHSU, UAE (participant)
  • February (2014): Current Problems in Dental Education and Possible Solutions, AEEDC, 5th Feb, 2014, UAE (Speaker)
  • October (2013): International Conference on Medical Education, , 2013, Mauritius (participant)
  • October (2013): Scholarship and innovation in medical education Workshop, International Conference on Medical Education, 2013, Mauritius (participant)
  • October (2013): Tools for teacher’ professional development Workshop,  International Conference on Medical Education, 2013, Mauritius (participant)
  • October (2013): Masterclass on computer-enhanced learning Course, International Conference on Medical Education, 2013, Mauritius (participant)
  • October (2013): Certificate in Implant Dentistry, CME, RAKCODS, October, 2013, UAE (Speaker)
  • June (2013): Training in Clinical Research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Part I- Part III (workshop), Al Qassimi Clinical Research Centre, Sharjah, Jan, 2013, UAE (participant)
  • May (2013): 4th RAKMHSU Annual Students’ Research Conference “Cancer in UAE)), RAKMHSU, May, 2013, UAE (organizer and students’ mentor)
  • March (2013): Contemporary Implantology and Restorative Dentistry Conference, RAK CODS, UAE (organizer)
  • January (2013): Introduction to Computer-guided Implantology and Training on ACCGuid@ program, RAKCODS, Jan, 2013, UAE (participant)
  • May (2012): RAKMHSU 3rd  Annual Students’ Research Conference “Genetics), RAKMHSU, May, 2012, UAE (organizer and students’ mentor)
  • April (2012): Effects of Tobacco on Oral Tissues, Dental Society and GSK Dental Conference, Fujairah, May, 2012, UAE (speaker)
  • April (2012): Tissue Eosinophilia, Clinical Presentation. Ibn Sina Dental CME, Ajman, April, 2012, UAE (speaker)
  • April (2012): 1st Student Dental Conference, University of Sharjah, April, 2012, UAE (poster judge)
  • April (2012): 1st School Health Conference, RAK, April, 2012, UAE (participant)
  • February (2012): PBL Trigger Writing Workshop, RAKMHSU, Feb, 2012, UAE (participant)
  • February (2012): AEEDC, Dubai, Feb, 2012, UAE (poster judge)
  • October (2011): Exam Blue Printing Workshop, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, Ocrober, 2012, UAE (participant)
  • September (2011): “Musculoskeletal Disorders-Newer Trends”, CME, RAKMHSU, 16th September, 2011, UAE (participant)
  • May (2011): 2nd RAKMHSU Annual Students’ Research Conference “Cardiovascular diseases in UAE”, 19th May, 2011, UAE (Judge for oral /poster presentation)
  • April (2011): AKGM Emirates, One Day CME, “Current Concepts in Dental Practice”, Cultural Palace Auditorium, Sharjah, April, 2011, UAE (chairperson)
  • March (2011): EMA in collaboration with GSK,  Continuing Dental Education, Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resorts, RAK, May, 2011, UAE (speaker)
  • February (2011): Update on Dental Practice, AKMG – Emirates (RAK) in Association with RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, RAK MHSU, Feb, 2011, UAE (speaker)
  • January (2011): One day dental CME organized by AKMG Emirates Ajman and UAG Chapter, Ajman, Jan, 2011, UAE (speaker)
  • December (2010): 2nd College of Dentistry-AUST & 15th EMA International Dental Conference, Ajman, 15-16 December, 2010, UAE (participant)
  • December (2010): “FAME” Course (Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education), Abu-Dabi, Dec, 20110, UAE (participant)
  • December (2010): International Conference on Medical Education (Beyond Flexner: A Roadmap for Excellence in Health Professionals Education, Abu-Dabi, Dec, 20110, UAE (participant)
  • May (2010): Workshop on Research Methodology in Health Sciences, RAKMHSU, Ras Alkhaimah, May, 2010, UAE (participant)
  • May (2010): Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 46th Annual Forensic Dental Identification & Emerging technologies (5 days course & workshop), Scottsdale, Arizona, May, 2010, USA (participant)
  • March (2010): One day Medical and Dental CME programme, AKMG Emirates, Ajman & UAQ Chapter, Coral Beach Hotel, March, 2010, UAE (participant)
  • March (2010): AEEDC, Dubai, March, 2010, UAE (participant)
  • February (2010): 4th One day CME programme on Cancer, AKMG Emirates, Sharjah, February, 2010, UAE (speaker)
  • December (2009): Medical Education Workshop (Assessment Instruction skills for Problem Based Learning), RAKMHSU, December, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • October (2009): Millennium Dental Conference & Exhibition 2009 Organised by AIPCE in Collaboration with RAKCODS, RAKMHSU, October, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • July (2009): Second World Conference of the International Academy of Oral Oncology, July, 2009, Toronto, Canada, (Poster presenter)
  • June (2009): Laser Dentistry Day, Introduction to Laser Dentistry, Ajman, June, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • May (2009): 6th RAK  Dental Conference; Towards Perfection in Dental Practice, Ras Alkaima, May, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • April (2009): GETX, Dubai, April, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • March (2009): AEEDC, Dubai, March, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • February (2009): Dental Symposium ” Medical-Dental Team Interaction”, Albaraha Hospital, Dubai, February, 2009, UAE (participant)
  • November (2008): Tobacco and Oral Health Symposium, RAKCODS, November, 2008, UAE (speaker)