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Note for Transfer Applicants

Students seeking transfer to our University are required to submit the following:

  1. Application form duly completed
  2. Transfer application processing fee of AED 500/-
  3. Supporting documents
    • Copies of transcripts for all the semesters he has studied in the previous University,duly attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Abu Dhabi.( Not required for.
    • Students who have studied at the accredited colleges in UAE, GCC, UK, US, Ireland,Europe, New Zealand)
    • A ‘No Objection for Transfer’ certificate from the applicant’s currentinstitution.
    • The official up -to-date academic transcript from the applicant’s current university with an explanation of the grading system. If the original transcript is not in English an official English translation is to be provided.
    • Copy of the course plan, course contents and course assessments of courses for which the student wishes to claim the credits.
    • Score of the TOEFL/IELTS last appeared.
    • 10 (Ten) recent and identical passport size color photographs
    • Copy of passport valid for at least one year.
    • Document to be enclosed showing proof of the institution’s accreditation/recognition from the respective ministry/government if the institution is outside UAE.
    • A cover letter from the applicant detailing the reasons for the request of transfer to RAK-MHSU and how the transfer would be of beneficial for him/her.
Administrative Guidelines for Transfer Cases to RAKMHSU

A student seeking transfer from a University to RAKMHSU shall apply to the Admission Office RAKMHSU as per the procedure displayed on the web site

  • The admission office should initiate the transfer process only after getting the above documents. The admission office will hand over the related papers to the Examination office.
  • The Examination Office will confirm the equivalence for the candidate in consultation with the Dean of the respective college by matching the course plan, course contents and course assessments of the other University with RAKMHSU for each course for the semester/year in which transfer is sought.
  • The examination office will take approval from the President for issuing an admission letter.
  • The Dean, Examinations will issue a letter confirming the admission of the candidate to a program giving details about the course/s the candidate has to undertake which he/she has not undertaken at the previous University along with all the courses of study for the particular semester for which the candidate is being offered admission.
  • The admission office will then complete the formalities of admission within maximum of two weeks.