All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE. RAK College of Medical Sciences is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools(WDOMS)

Services & Facilities


  • Reference Services: Providing assistance to the users to search and get their desired information.
  • Reprographic Services: Providing print, photocopy and scanning services through an automated printing system by using your RFID based University ID Card.
  • Separate Clinical Libraries at Saqr, Obaidallah, Fujairah and Omran Hospital: Serving our Practice School Students, Adjunct Clinical Faculties and other health science professional of the Hospital.
  • E-Library Portal: Providing On-campus and off campus easy access to ProQuest, UpToDate, ExamMaster, CINAHL, PEPID, Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy, E-Books and E-Journals Etc.
  • Circulation Services: Providing Issue, Return, Renewal and Reservation facility for books.
  • Self Check and Check Out: enables the patron to do the Issue, return and renewal of books by themselves through RFID based Self Check System.


  • Study Carrels: For the quiet & individual study.
  • Group Study Room: For any group discussion and to maintain silence in quiet study area.
  • Online Public Access Catalogue: Provide an Enhanced and up-to-date Catalogue of the Library collection.
  • E-Library Portal: Provides single-Sign-On access to online databases, E-Journal, E-Books and other open source materials.
  • Dedicated Internet Section: For providing the Internet Services to the students.
  • Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity: For providing the Internet on the laptop of the students.
  • Library Professional Membership: A service which enables the external user to use the Library resources.
  • Intern/ Alumni Membership: to facilitate the Intern/ Alumni students to use the library and its resources.
  • Multimedia collection of CDs, DVDs etc: Provide Information available on Electronic Media.