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Students Council

Students Council is formed at the beginning of every academic year to promote the common interest of students and operate in a manner consistent with the University’s mission and code of conduct.

As per the Ministerial Degree No (334) of the year 2011 issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, the student council is comprised of 15 members representing all the constituent colleges of University. The elections are held at the commencement of the academic year. The terms of office of members shall be for one year, commencing from the starting date of the academic year, and ceases on 31 October of the subsequent year. Responsibilities of the student council include:

  • Representing the student body for all requests brought by students to the College /University.
  • Ensuring the speedy acclimatization of new students to RAK-MHSU by promoting healthy friendships.
  • Encouraging student participation in the extracurricular activities of the University.
  • The Council inauguration is annually held with the presence of the University Management, Faculty and Staff where the new representatives receive their sashes and badges and administered the oath.
  • The student council conducts regular meetings every week, where the student body problems are discussed and also extracurricular activities are planned.

The posts of the council are as follows: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Representative, Sports Representative, Public Relation Officer, Science & Technology Officer, Talents Officer, Social Activities & Social Communication Officers, and College Representatives.

Student Council for the academic year 2019-20

Sl. No. USN Student Name Program Designation
117901058Shooq Yousef Mohammed Ali Alblooshi MBBS President
217904020Khadeijah Abdulla BSN Vice-President
315902057Rita ChannoBDSGeneral Secretary
416903049Ruoaa Walid AlkhatibB PharmPublic Relation Officer
515901010Roomiyah Riyaz AssadiMBBSAcademic Activities Officer
617901037Mira OsmanMBBS Science & Technology Officer
715901008Mohiudeen Ali KunjuMBBSTalent & Activity Officer
818904002Nastaho Mohamed AhmedBSNSocial Activity Officer
915902034Mohammed NubaniBDSCultural Officer
1018901060Abdul FatahMBBSSports Officer
1116903012Mariam SherifB PharmTreasurer
1215901052Yousif BasimMBBSRAKCOMS Rep
1315902068Karim ElbeltagyBDSRAKCODS Rep
1416903043Huda HaririB PharmRAKCOPS Rep
1517904010Khadeijah Rashed AlhefeitiBSNRAKCON Rep