We are delighted to inform you that RAK College of Pharmacy, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, status has been redesignated from Provisional Certification (Category 2) to International Accreditation (*online evaluation) by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) USA.     New fee structure updated for the academic year 2023-24.     All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE.    All our programs are recognized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Students Council

Students Council is formed at the beginning of every academic year to promote the common interest of students and operate in a manner consistent with the University’s mission and code of conduct.

As per the Ministerial Degree No (334) of the year 2011 issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, the student council is comprised of 15 members representing all the constituent colleges of University. The elections are held at the commencement of the academic year. The terms of office of members shall be for one year, commencing from the starting date of the academic year, and ceases on 31 October of the subsequent year. Responsibilities of the student council include:

  • Representing the student body for all requests brought by students to the College /University.
  • Ensuring the speedy acclimatization of new students to RAK-MHSU by promoting healthy friendships.
  • Encouraging student participation in the extracurricular activities of the University.
  • The Council inauguration is annually held with the presence of the University Management, Faculty and Staff where the new representatives receive their sashes and badges and administered the oath.
  • The student council conducts regular meetings every week, where the student body problems are discussed and also extracurricular activities are planned.

The posts of the council are as follows: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural Representative, Sports Representative, Public Relation Officer, Science & Technology Officer, Talents Officer, Social Activities & Social Communication Officers, and College Representatives.

Student Council for the academic year 2022-23

Sl. No. Student Name ID College Designation
1 Asma Abdullah Hasan Bin Humaidan Alzaabi 20901097 RAKCOMS / Y3 President
2 Saeed Humaid Al Naqbi 21903019 RAKCOP / Y2 Vice President
3 Aya Fawzi Hussain Khalil Selmi 19904079 RAKCON/ Y4 General Secretary
4 Rama Orfali 20903018 RAKCOP / Y3 Public Relation Officer
5 Mohammad Amer Adnan Subhi Alzaghal 18901022 RAKCOMS / Y5 Academic Activities Officer
6 Nayesha Mahwish 18901016 RAKCOMS / Y5 Science & Technology Officer
7 Ahmed Salama Hassan Mohamed Khamis 20904064 RAKCON / Y3 Talents & Activity Officer
8 Layla Taha Mohammed 17902002 RAKCODS/ Y5 Social Activities Officer
9 Alian Fatima 18901030 RAKCOMS / Y5 Cultural Officer
10 Ibrahim Duraid Faik Al-Obaidi 20901011 RAKCOMS / Y3 Sports Officer
11 Aiah Jawdat Ata Zamil 20902012 RAKCODS / Y3 Treasurer
12 Ghania Shehzad Alam Qureshi 19901026 RAKCOMS / Y4 RAKCOMS Representative
13 Fiza Javed 20902041 RAKCODS / Y3 RAKCODS Representative
14 Marya Bibi 19903020 RAKCOP / Y4 RAKCOPS Representative
15 Arwa Yaseen Ahmed 19904064 RAKCON/ Y4 RAKCON Representative