RAK Medical and Health Sciences University is First Medical University in the UAE to Obtain Five Stars in QS Stars Rating     College of Pharmacy at RAK Medical and Health Sciences University has obtained dual national and international accreditation for its Bachelor of Pharmacy program from the American Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA)     All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE.    All our programs are recognized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why Cedar?

Deputy Doirector CEDAR

I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the RAKMHSU family: our students, alumni, faculty, staff, core and adjuncts, admin, facility and stakeholders.

The Center of Educational Development and Research (CEDAR) was founded in 2012. Currently, in this year 2023, it is undergoing a transformative shift towards implementing interprofessional and socially accountable strategies. The objective is to establish itself as a premier resource centre committed to enhancing learning and teaching, building psychomotor educational capacities, and conducting research related to health professions. Our primary goal is to equip the RAKMHSU family members and stakeholders with the needed quality skills and current educational strategies in teaching and learning, as well as research in health professions. This will include learning psychology, curriculum planning, teaching methodologies, electronic technologies, student assessment, programme evaluation, academic supervision and educational leadership. Our mission, vision and values are to constantly strive to provide the best educational development and capacity enhancement through interprofessional teamwork and promote health professions and medical education research incorporating evidence-based approaches.

At CEDAR, we are committed to fostering a dynamic and enriching interprofessional learning environment that empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential. Whether you are an eager student, dedicated educator, or stakeholder concerned about quality assurance, we encourage you to participate in our various programs, workshops, and events. These opportunities will not only enhance your skills and knowledge but also create a sense of interprofessional achievement and intersectoral collaboration.

We believe that by working together, we can create a vibrant and inspiring educational learning and teaching environment that positively impacts the mission, vision, and values of our university.


Dr. Omer Eladil A.H
Deputy Director CEDAR