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Co-curricular/Extra Curricular Student Activities for the Academic Year 2019-2020


S. No.

Activity Date
1. Convocation 26th September & 3rd October 2019
2. Fresher’s Week / Fresher’s Sports Competition.


13th -17th October 2019 (During the break time)

Fresher’s Day- 17th Oct 2019 (3.30pm- 5.00 pm)

3. Flag Day 1st November 2019
4. Career Fair 13th November 2019 ( Afternoon)
5. 8th Sports Festival 17th to 21st   November 2019
6. UAE National Day Celebration 27th November 2019
7. University Day(Awards Day) 23rd January 2020 (3.30 pm to 5 pm)
8. Sports Week 1

Sports Day / Championship


9th– 13th February 2020

12th   February 2020 (4.30 pm to 5pm)

9. Community Engagement activities 16th -20th Feb 2020
10. 11th University Cultural Day 4th March 2020 (Full Day)
11. 11th RAKMHSU Students Scientific Conference 16th April 2020 (Full Day)
12. Activity Clubs-Events 19th -23rd April 2020