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Dr. Hala Zakaria Mahmoud

Associate Professor

Educational Qualification
  • PhD of Oral Radiology and Diagnosis Cairo University, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine in April 1995
  • MDS of Oral Radiology and Diagnosis in Cairo University, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine in December1991
  • BDS from Faculty of Oral Surgery and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, in May 1986
Professional Career

Total Experience:

  • (Teaching;Academic & Dental Clinician) (1987- present 2016)
  • Associate Professor of Oral Radiology ,Diagnosis &Oral Medicine at RAKCODS College of Dental Sciences ;since 2010-till present .
  • Have been promoted as a full time from Dentist in (1986 -1991)to Resident Dentist to Demonstrator to Assistant Lecturer from(1991-1995)to Lecturer from (1995-2005)to Assistant Professor to Professor from (2005 -2009 )in Faculty Of Oral Medicine& Dental Surgery .,Cairo University.
  • Worked as a Visitor Professor in many private Dental Universities as; (MSA University,6th October University, Suez Canal University ,Pharos University)from 2000-2009 in Egypt .
  • Worked as a Senior Dentist from (1986-2009) in Out Patients Dental Clinic in Kasr El Aini Hospital (X-Ray & Diagnosis Department).
  • Worked as General Dentist from( 1987-2000)in Cairo Medical & Dental Center .Private Cairo Hospital,Egypt.
Achievements/ Research Interests/Publications/Awards
  • Evaluation of Low Intensity Laser Irradiation On The Healing of Mucosal Tissues Wounds (Vol.61,3371,July ,2015 EDA EGYPTIAN DENTAL JOURNAL (WWW.EDA-EGYPT .ORG).(presented as a poster in TDA International Dental Congress , in May 2015.
  • Reliability of Digital Radiography in the Evaluation of the NGF? Chitosan /nano-Hydroxy Apatite Composite Microsphere-based Scaffolds in Clinical Applications) presented as a poster in 3rd WCAM -2014.,6-9 June ., Chongqing ,China.(Pending).
  • The Influence of Active Smoking compared to Passive Smoking on the Alveolar Bone Density Among Young Adults Patients 2015(pending).
  • Scanning electron microscopic study of the effect of low intensity laser on Excision Biopsy: An experimental study. ( Egyptian Dental Journal April ,2000 &presented in 9th International Dental Congress in 19th November,1999).
  • Immuno Histochemical and Histological evaluation of the therapeutic effect of CO² laser in the management of oral lichen planus. ( Egyptian Dental Journal ,46,1443:1450,July,2000).
  • Reliability of direct versus indirect digital radiography in evaluation of early periapical bony changes. (Egyptian Dental Journa;48,305;315,January,2002)
  • Quantitative assessment of effect of serum – coated and non- coated bioactive glass on regeneration of bony defects by radiographic evaluation.(Pending).
  • Comparative evaluation of condylar position in angle classification of malocclusion using corrected lateral tomography .(Egyptian Dental Journal ,January ,1997 ).
  • Correlation between functional and densitometric changes of major salivary glands using computed tomographic scanning and radio nuclide scientigraphy in head and neck cancer patients treated by radiation therapy. ( Egyptian Dental Journal,46,1647:1654,October,2000)
  • Clinical and radiographic assessment of the effect of antidepressants on the gingival and periodontal structures. ( Egyptian Dental Journal,46,2055;2063,October,2000).
  • A comparative clinical and radiographic study of CO² laser Pulpotomy and Formocresol Pulpotomy in primary teeth.(Egyptian Dental Journal,46,1855:1864,October,2000).
  • The effect of topical fluoridation induced changes of the pH value of saliva and dental plaque on hypersensitivity of teeth in Head and Neck cancer irradiated patients.( Egyptian Dental Journal ,43,2631:2640,October,1997).
  • Effect of therapeutic radiation on IgG and IgA and Trace elements.
  • The validity of multimodal scannography in assessment of the position of developing mandibular permanent second molar in a group of Egyptian children. (Egyptian Dental Journal ,48,239:250,January ,2002)
  • Preliminary in vitro evaluation of temperature changes during intracanal application of ND: YAG laser.(Egyptian Dental Journal ,48,1601:1607,July,2002)&Aachen, University ,Germany
  • Effects of laser and fluoride on the acid resistance of human dental enamel of primary molars and premolars. ( Egyptian Dental Journal ,51,1237:1250:July,2005).
  • A radiographic assessment of craniofacial growth pattern changes in children with chronic renal failure (By Digital Cephalometric Study) ( Egyptian Dental Journal ,52,637:649,January,2006).
  • Radio geometric evaluation of the dent facial changes and their relationship to the tempro mandibular joint and dentition after adenoidectomy in children (Egyptian Dental Journal,52,991:1002,April,2006).
  • Preliminary scanning electron microscopic evaluation of root canal wall following ND: YAG laser irradiation.(Egyptian Dental Journal,48,1519;1528,July,2002).
  • Evaluation of low intensity laser irradiation in treatment of induced osteoporosis. (Egyptian Dental Journal ,51,2181;2192,October,2005).
Conferences/Workshops Workshops;

Basics of Radiation Protection in Hospitals (Radiation Practices )in 2016. Presented (Basic Life Support (BLS) Course ).,( 6-1-2014/6-2016) NIDA Clinical Trials Network (19January 2015-19January 2018) Attended many courses on Cairo University(Quality Assurance ,teaching program of Credit hours system ,orientation of teaching ).

Conferences :
  • Egyptian Dental Association 17th InternationalDentalCongrss (Intercontinental Hotel Cairo City Stars) 2015
  • TDA International Dental Congress (Istanbul Congress Center)Poster 2015
  • 3rd WCAM .,BITs., Chongqing ,China (Poster)2014
  • TDM /Manual Diagnosis &Therapy in Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai,2014
  • As a Speaker in Comprehensive Implant Dentistry Course in RAK Dental College(2013-2015)
  • APDC 2014 | Asia Pacific Dental Congress , Dubai2015
  • A Judge in the 2nd International Students Dental Conference (Sharja United Arab Emirates 2014
  • Hypertension In General Practice at Majestic hall ,Ramada Hotel ,Ajman,2014
  • UAE International Dental Conference &Arab Dental Exhibition AEEDC Dubai2014
  • 3rd UAQ Dental Day Conference in Umm Al Quwain –Cu ltural Center ;2014
  • 6th CAD/CAM &Computerized Dentistry International Conference,201
Supervisor in thesis for Master & Doctor Degrees

Contribution &Memberships organization :

Supervisor on PhD Students Thesis (10 )

Supervisor on MDS Students Thesis (15)

In different topics (Osteoporosis ,Low Intensity Laser,Co2 Laser applications on dental fields, Radiotherapy ,MRI ,C.T,Oral Lesions ).

Contribution & Memberships organization :

Active Membership in Egyptian Dental Association.,1990/ Present Assigned member in the Arabian promotion committee (King Al-Souod University- Riyadh- Saudi Arabia),2008