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Dr. Vivek Padmanabhan Profile Picture

Dr. Vivek Padmanabhan

Assistant Professor & Chairperson, Clinical Sciences

Educational Qualification
  • PhD - Pediatrics and Preventive Dentistry, 2017 Sep, NITTE University, Mangalore, India
  • MDS., - 2008 Sep, AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, India
  • BDS., - 2003 Jan, GDC Bangalore, India
Professional Career
  • Assistant Professor 2013-till date, RAKCODS, RAKMHSU
  • Assistant Professor 2008-2011, India
Achievements/ Interests/Publications/Awards
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  • Leadership training for faculty and staff- Mr Abdul Rashid.2020
  • RAKCODS Dental Conference 2018- Dentistry now and beyond- Guest Speaker.2019
  • CDE Program - AKMG RAK Chapter, 2018 as Guest Speaker-2018
  • CDE Program - AKMG RAK Chapter, 2017 as Guest Speaker-2017
  • CDE Program - AKMG RAK Chapter, 2016 as Guest Speaker-2016
  • CDE program - "Journey towards excellent dental care" AKMG RAK Chapter, held on 13th Nov 2015.
  • OSA- Sleep disordered breathing workshop. Dr. Steven Olmos. RAKMHSU, RAK, UAE.2015
  • CDE program – "Pedia care" AKMG RAK Chapter 2015
  • Paper Presented-Anxiety levels of children during dental extractions. 21st Mediterranean Society of Pediatric Dentistry and 8th Turkish Society of Pediatric Dentistry Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 13-15th Nov 2014.
  • Paper Presented-Does stress show in our saliva- salivary cortisol levels in children undergoing various dental procedures. Presented at 33rd ISSPD conference, Mangalore, 2011.
  • Paper Presented-Dental Home - An Indian Perspective Presented at 30th ISPPD conference Hyderabad on Dec 2008