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Dr. Huma Zaidi Profile Picture

Dr. Huma Zaidi

Associate Professor - English

Educational Qualification
  • PhD awarded by Aligarh Muslim University Stylo-linguistics and the Teaching of English Poetry at Undergraduate Level in India. Submitted PhD in 2003
  • Passed Master's Degree with 1st Div. & 1st position in English Literature and received a gold medal.
  • Completed Bachelor's degree from AMU Women's College in 1st Div. (English Hons)
Professional Career
  • Working in RAKMHSU since 2009 and actively involved in teaching, research and co-curricular activities 
  • Trained students for TOEFL and IELTS and conducting Mock IELTS for faculty
  • Conducted workshops in the University and India
  • Chapter- Asma Zaidi, Huma Zaidi Importance of Clean Green and Safe Spaces for the Physical and Emotional Wellbeing of Females in the Old City of Hyderabad, India
  • Rabab Al Kader, Huma Zaidi, Sheeba David, Raghavendra Bhat, Abeer Sharmeen Study Habit of University Students at a Selected University in the UAE: A Cross Sectional Study 
  • Huma Zaidi, Omar al Jadaan - Problems in Language Skills and Learning Medical Vocabulary at a Medical & Health Sciences University in the UAE.
  • Huma Zaidi, Hafiz Ahmad, Active Listening Skills Applied by Undergraduate Students at a Health Sciences University in the UAE
  • Huma Zaidi, Rabab G., Sheeba David, Abeer Sharmeen, Raghavendra Bhat, Role of Technology in Influencing the Study Habits of Students at RAK Medical and Health Sciences University. 
  • Priyalatha Muthu1, Huma Zaidi2, Manju Nair3 . A Study to Assess the Interpersonal Communication Competency Among the Undergraduate Nursing Students.
  • Huma Zaidi, Shahnaz Usman2, Rana Abou Fayad3, Atiqullah 4 A Study on Leisure Time Book Reading Among the Students of RAKMHSU, UAE
  • Huma Zaidi, Ariba Zainab 'Accentuating the Importance of Teaching Poetry in an ESL Classroom'
  • Shahnaz Usman, khawla Al Awad1, Muaad Al Saeedi1, Hamam Al Naemi1, Huma Zaidi1   Trends of Smoking Among Students of Ras Al Khaimah,
Workshops Conducted
  • Supervised a group of students on the topic 'Imperiling consequences of social media addiction' for the 12th RAKMHSU Students' Scientific Conference
  • Communication Skills for Teachers 
  • Communication Skills for teachers at ALLT International Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Workshop on "Effective Power point Presentation and Presentation Skills"
  • Workshop on "Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals"
  • Workshop on "Active Listening"
  • Workshop on "Assessments at RAKMHSU"
  • Micro Teaching Workshop (Resource Person)
  • Faculty Orientation Workshop (Resource Person)
  • Supervised a group of students on the topic "Perception of Genetic Counselors Practicing Effective Communication Skills in Counseling Patients" 
  • Supervised a group of students on the topic "Genetic Disorders in the UAE"