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Dr. K.V.R.N.S Ramesh Profile Picture

Dr. K.V.R.N.S Ramesh

Associate Dean, Professor & Chairperson of Dept of Pharmaceutics

Educational Qualification
  • M.Pharm ;  Ph.D
Professional Career
  • Associate Professor, JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore, India, 1986-92
  • Senior Research Fellow, Andhra University, India, 1992-94
  • Associate Professor, Siddhartha Pharmacy College, Vijayawada India, 1994-99
  • Professor & Principal, Siddhartha Pharmacy College, Vijayawada India, 1999-2004
  • Professor, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2004-07
  • Professor & Principal, Aditya Pharmacy College, India , 2007-12
  • Professor, RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, 2012- till date
  • Associate Dean, RAK College of Pharmacy from 2017 till date
Achievements/ Interests/Publications/Awards
Research Interests: 
  • Formulation of fast dissolving & sustained release products
  • Evaluation of new and novel polymers 
  • Drug and excipient interaction studies
Research Awards:
  • Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Award – Senior Research Fellowship
  • AICTE, India, Award of Research Grants
Recent Publications
  • Studies on almond gum and gelucire based pellets prepared by extrusion and spheronization for sustained release, Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, accepted for publication in October 2022 issue
  • Dissolution enhancement of indomethacin through binary and ternary solid dispersions and inclusion complexes – a comparative evaluation , Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology , accepted for publication in October 2022 issue
  • Formation of Stable Nanoemulsions By Ultrasound-Assisted Two-Step Emulsification Process For Topical Drug Delivery: Effect of Oil Phase Composition And Surfactant Concentration And Loratadine As Ripening Inhibitor.  International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2020; 576:  118952
  •  Studies on the Influence of Formulation and Processing Factors on The Drug Release from Multiparticulate Systems, Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics 2020; 14 (1): 414-422
  • Inclusion Complexation in Sulfobutyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin and Dispersion In Gelucire For Sustained Release of Nifedipine Employing Almond   Gum J Dr Del Ther 2019; 9(6): 70-78
  • Role of Hydrophilic Polymers on the Stability of Formulations of Tenoxicam – SBE7-Î’-CD Inclusion Complex, Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2018; 8; 1203-1215.
  • Safety of Pharmaceutical Excipients and Regulatory Issues Applied Clinical Research, Clinical Trials & Regulatory Affairs, 2018, 6, 1-13
  • Development And Evaluation of Self Micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery System of Itraconazole, American Journal of Pharmatech Research, 2017; 7; 126-136
  • Modification and Validation of HPLC Analytical Method for Estimation of Clotrimazole In Health Care Products, Nat Prod Chem Res. Vol. 2017, 5(247): 1-7.
  • Design And Evaluation of Single And Multi-Unit Sustained Release Dosage Forms of Captopril Asian J of Pharmaceutics , 2017, 11(2), 118-128.
  • Influence  of Nature of Core On Naproxen Release From Microcapsules Indo Am. J Pharm. Res 2015, 5 (8), 2614-2624.
  • Delivered a talk on Amorphous Pharmaceutical Solids in Drug Development in International Conference on Pharmacy & Medicine , Dubai, 18-22 January 2022
  • International Conference on Quality Measures in Health Professions Education – Revisiting the Metrics , Ajman, 25-27 February , 2022
  • Advances in Column Technology Next Generation HPLC Performance , Seminar conducted by Phenomenex , 14, April, 2022
  • Optimization of Liquid Chromatography  Methods , Seminar conducted by Phenomenex , 18,  May , 2022
  • CEDAR workshop on Introduction to Interprofessional Learning’ on 17th May 2022 at RAKMHSU
  • Webinar on Vaccine development – safety and challenges, Mar 4th 2021
  • Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 26th &27th 2019
  • Workshop on Clinical Research : Principles of Good Clinical Practice, 30th March 2019 at RAKMHSU