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Dr. Adil Farooq Wali

Assistant Professor

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Educational Qualification:
  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), University of Kashmir, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India. (2016).
  • M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kashmir, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India. (2012).
  • B.Pharm from Govt. College of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology, Punjab Technical University, India, (2007).
Professional Career:
  • Worked as Research Associate-I in Analytical Research and Development (ARD). Ind-Swift Labs Ltd. (R&D Centre), Mohali, India. (2007-2009).
Achievements/ Research Interests/ Publications /Awards Achievements:
  • Publications
    1. Research: 30
    2. Review: 05
  • Book/ Chapter: 07
  • Awards: 05
  • Conferences: 25
  • Projects:  Major: 01, Minor: 08
Research Articles (Selected):
  • Ajaz Ahmad *, Adil Farooq Wali *, Muneeb U. Rehman, Andleeb Khan, Mohammad Raish, Mohsin Kazi, Osamah Alnemer, Padma G. M. Rao. Therapeutic Potential of Rhododendron arboreum Polysaccharides in an Animal Model of Lipopolysaccharide-Inflicted Oxidative Stress and Systemic Inflammation. Molecules 25, 6045, 2020. Impact Factor: 3.26 
  • Adil Farooq Wali*, Yusra Al Dhaheri, Jayachithra Ramakrishna Pillai, Ahlam Mushtaq, Padma G M Rao, Syed Arman Rabbani, Aimen Firdous, Mohamed Solman Elshikh, Dunia A. Al Farraj.  LC-MS phytochemical Screening, in-vitro Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activity of Microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata Extract. Separations 7, 54.2020.  Impact Factor: 1.90
  • Adil Farooq Wali*, Jayachithra, Yusra Al Dhaheri, Omer Abdulraheem Sarheed, Salma Jabnoun, Maryam Razm Poor. Crocus sativus L. Extract Containing Polyphenols Modulates Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Response against Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs-Induced Liver Injury. Plants, 9, 2 167, 1-14, 2020. Impact Factor: 2.62
  • Satyanarayanaraju Sagi, Bharathi Avula, Mubashir H Masoodi, Ji-Yeong Bae, Adil Farooq Wali, Ikhlas A Khan. Identification and quantification of phenolic compounds from northern Indian propolis extracts and dietary supplements using high performance thin layer chromatography and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector-quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry.  Journal of AOAC international, 103(5),1378-1393, 2020. Impact Factor: 1.30
Review Articles (Selected):
  • Muneeb U Rehman, Adil Farooq, Rayeesa Ali, Sana Bashir, Nazirah Bashir et al. Preclinical Evidence for the Pharmacological Actions of Glycyrrhizic Acid: A Comprehensive Review. Current Drug Metabolism. 21(6):436-465, 2020. Impact Factor: 2.96
  • Adil F Wali, Sabiya Majid, Shabhat Rasool, Samar B Shehada, Shahad K Abdulkareem, Aieman Firdous, Saba Beigh, Sheeba Shakeel, Saima Mushtaq, Imra Akbar, Muneeb U Rehman.  Natural Products Against Cancer: Review on Phytochemicals from Marine Sources in Preventing Cancer. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 27, 6, 767-777, 2019. Impact Factor: 3.11
  • Rehman MU, Wali AF, Ahmad A, Shakeel S, Rasool S, Ali R, Rashid SM, Madkhali H, Ganaie MA, Khan R. Neuroprotective Strategies for Neurological Disorders by Natural Products: An update. Current Neuropharmacology. 17. 1-10, 2018. Impact Factor: 4.06
Conferences (Selected):
  • Secure 2nd best poster presentation category at Dubai International Pharmaceutical & technologies Conference & Exhibition from on 25th Feb – 27th Feb, 2020 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Dubai UAE.
  • Oral presentation in professional category at “The 5th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences” from 26th to 28th April, 2019 at Cappadocia - TURKEY.
  • Secure 8th best poster in quality of work category at Dubai International Pharmaceutical & technologies Conference & Exhibition from 27th   Feb – 1st March, 2018 at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Dubai UAE.
Area of research
  • My research interests include isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active natural products from both higher plants and marine especially alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, triterpenes, and volatile oils. 
  • Optimization of large scale extraction and isolation of natural products of commercial value. This includes the search of active components from plants used in folk medicine to understand validity of centuries old use of Herbal Medicine which possess antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer, antidiabetic properties. 
  • Chemical fingerprinting using metabolomics or metabolic profiling by HPLC, GC, and LC/MS, and NMR in medicinal plant products.  
  • Application of green technology to the production of natural product extracts using natural deep eutectic solvents, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents and supercritical fluids.