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Dr. Tamer Salama El-Marsafawy

Dean - Institutional Effectiveness, Quality Assurance & Accreditation

  • Graduated, and earned PhD in Biometrical Genetics from Cairo University, Egypt
  • One of the founding members of the Institutional Research Office (IRO) at RAKMHSU- UAE when established and was appointed as Asst. Director in February 2008, and had a leading role in developing its guidelines for Licensure and Accreditation by CAA,
  • Member of EC, REC and Chair of AC at RAKMHSU
  • Member of Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (ANQAAHE).
  • Dean of Institutional Research, Ras El Khaima Medical & Health Sciences University
  • Responsible for designing and conducting course and non-course surveys, for students, staff and faculty and to submit the reports to the Vice Chancellor.
  • Orient the faculty and students and coordinate with the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), UAE, for the quality implementation of Commission’s guidelines.
  • Responsible for the evaluation of the short-term and long-term University strategic plans.
  • Resposible for institutional review and cross institutional review.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of academic integrity.
  • Setting standardized procedures for course and program development in line with CAA standards.
  • Evaluate the program achevements and effctiveness annualy.
  • Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Ras El Khaima Medical & Health Sciences University (Part Time)
  • As a teacher and researcher around 20 years of experience in training and teaching, and Research [publish more than 23 Paper (Education, Biology, Statistics, Genetics)]
  • Guidance for Master students in Pharmacy and Nursing Colleges for statistical part in Dissertation.
  • Coordinator of RAKMHSU Data to Center of Higher Education Data and Statistics UAE (CHEDS) at MOHESR, UAE.
  • Coordinator of RAKMHSU Data to Federal Human Resources Authority, UAE
  • RAKMHSU coordinator to CAA Team and ERT visits to RAKMHSU
  • RAKMHSU coordinator to Qualification Formwork Authority, UAE