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Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Ali Matalka Profile Picture

Dr. Ismail Ibrahim Ali Matalka


Education Qualifications
  • Full registration with GMC. Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST).Name included in The Specialist Registration. GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL (GMC), UK, 2001. 
  • FRCPath Part I & II ROYAL COLLEGE OF PATHOLOGY, UK, 1999 & 2000.
  • Jordanian Board of Pathology. JORDAN MEDICAL COUNCIL, 1997.
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBCh).JORDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (JUST), 1985 - 1991. 
  • Higher Specialization in Pathology. UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN, JORDAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, 1992 - 1996.
  • President, RAK Medical & Health Sciences University, (Feb 2023 – Present)
  • Chief Executive Officer, King Abdullah University Hospital (750 Bed Tertiary Hospital), August 27, 2016 – September 16, 2018). 
  • Dean of Medicine (Sep. 1, 2014 – Sep. 1, 2016).
  • Vice Dean, School of Medicine (Sep 2008 – Sep 2010 and Jan 2011 – Sep 2013).
  • Chairman of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine and KAUH, JUST, (Sep 2002 – Sep 2015). 
  • Associate Professor of Pathology, School of Medicine (July 2008 – June 2013). 
  • Assistant Professor of Pathology, School of Medicine (April 2001 – June 2008). 
  • Director of Allied Health Affairs Directorate - KAUH (March 1, 2003 – Nov. 1, 2004). 
  • Director of Administration Affairs Directorate - KAUH (Jan. 1, 2004 – Nov. 1, 2004).
  • Member, Institutional Review Board, JUST (Jan 2011 – Sep 2016).

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As Chairman of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at KAUH:

  • Establishing and leading the Pathology and Laboratory Department at King Abdullah University Hospital (2002-2015), and supervising all its’ functions, development, technical and administrative work. 
  • Leading the quality control program at the King Abdullah University Hospital laboratories, where the Lab ranked the first and second in the external international quality control scheme with the participation of about 3000 laboratories worldwide. 

As CEO of King Abdullah University Hospital:

  • Establishing Maintaining the sustainability of the hospital's medical services to the highest possible standards in accordance with the international standards adopted in health care systems. 
  • Optimal utilization of the Hospital facilities, including flexibility in times of medical service delivery, function of operating rooms, laboratories, and radiological investigations. 
  • Issuing and updating an electronic and manual version of the law, regulations, and instructions of the hospital with easy accessibility. 
  • Adherence to the principles of justice, equity and transparency in decisions and administrative procedures. 
  • Adopting appropriate methodologies and administrative mechanisms to promote positive competitive environment and positive behaviors among hospital employees and increasing the level of job satisfaction to meet their needs and achieve their ambitions towards an institutional culture. 
  • Approval the distinguished employee award at the rate of 3 times per year (every four months), within the criteria and foundations developed by a specialized committee. 
  • Creating real partnerships with civil society institutions, private institutions, and unions. 
  • Consolidating the concept of social responsibility and accountability to meet the needs of the community. 
  • Completing and receiving the final approval on (12) Million USD grant from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) to establish a comprehensive radiotherapy center. 
  • Upgrading several medical equipment's for the value of (8.5) million USD grant from the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) 
  • Increasing the efficiency of the hospital's cash flow in flexible and periodic mechanisms. 
  • Completing the operational and technical steps towards transforming King Abdullah University Hospital to Smart Hospital. 
  • Innovative solutions to the hospital visitor's car park by planning and starting construction for a new parking space, which can accommodate about 1000 slots, and allocating special car park for disabled and dialysis patients 
  • Increasing the level and awareness of hygiene and cleanness in the hospital and surroundings. 
  • Implementing a Drill for Emergency Management Plan, Mass Causality Incidents "Trauma" (Level D), for the first ever time in the hospital and Jordan. 
  • Implementing an emergency plan for the rehabilitation of some of the main and vital services, such as the installation of modern CSD and intelligent elevators system. 
  • The ability to deal with heterogeneous populations of employees, patients, visitors, and understanding their diversity, needs and privacy. 
  • Increasing the level of patient satisfaction with the quality of services provided by the hospital. 
  • Issuing the monthly electronic newsletter of KAUH in Arabic and English with more than 330,000 viewers. 
  • Increasing the visibility of the Hospital by establishing the social media website (3 million viewers in 2017) 
  • Implementing a new visit schedule in the hospital, which reflected positively on the medical care of the patients and the comfort of visitors. 
  • Applying a new electronic queuing system in the pharmacy to dispense prescriptions, which guarantees accuracy, and save time and effort (the pharmacy deals with 1200 prescription daily). 
  • Recruitment qualified medical staff from all medical specialties on an ongoing 
  • Establishing new centers of excellence in the hospital such as Cochlear Implant Center and Spine Center. 
  • Activation the role of Training and consultation Center at the hospital and establishing a structure for Continuing Professional development in the hospital. 
  • Holding training and educational workshops for the Interns in north of Jordan (Free Registration). 
  • Engagement with the community through conducting free medical days and awareness campaigns on various diseases, and the holding workshops, scientific seminars, and lectures. (More than 130 activities within 2 years including 30 free medical days).