We are delighted to inform you that RAK College of Pharmacy, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, status has been redesignated from Provisional Certification (Category 2) to International Accreditation (*online evaluation) by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) USA.     New fee structure updated for the academic year 2023-24.     All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE.    All our programs are recognized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Financial Information for A.Y. 2023-24 (Graduate)

The University reserves the right to increase the tuition and other fees by a maximum of 10% per academic year when deemed necessary. The regulations concerning fees and the method of their payment, will be applicable to the present as well as to the future students.

The following fee structure is applicable for the new intake students of 2023-24 registered in various programs at RAKMHSU:

Tuition and Other Fees

i) Applicable at the time of application / admission:

S.No Fee Details AED Applicable to
1 Application Fee (one time) 500 First year and Transfer students
2 Admission Fee (one time) 2,500 For all programs
3 Lab and Library Fee (per annum) 1,000 For all programs
4 Transfer Application Processing Fee 500 Transfer students at the time of joining
5 Readmission Fee 500 Repeating / rejoining students

ii) Tuition Fee:

College Program Amount Per Semester (AED) Remarks
RAK College of Pharmacy Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Pharmaceutics 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
RAK College of Nursing Master of Science in Adult Health Nursing 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Pediatric Nursing 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Community Health Nursing 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester
Master of Science in Midwifery 25,000 After applying concession on the declared fee of AED 30,000 per semester

iii) Exam Fees:

S.No Programs Amount (AED) Remarks
1 Master of Science in Pharmacy p.a. 2,000 All Specializations (Year 1)
2 Master of Science in Nursing p.a. 2,000 All Specializations (Year 1)
1,000 All Specializations (Year 2)
3 Master of Science in Midwifery p.a. 2,000 All Specializations (Year 1)
1,000 All Specializations (Year 2)

* Including 5% VAT

iv) Other Fee:

S.No Fee Details AED Applicable to
1 Late Registration Fee (per semester) * 500 Students registered after the due date
2 Dissertation Fee per annum 2,500 MSP/MSN/MSM (Year II)
3 Convocation Fee 1,500 Final Year students (all programs)
4 Uniform Fee per annum * 420 MSN / MSM (Year 1)
5 Student Nurses Forum Fee * per annum 100 MSN / MSM
6 Mal-Practice Insurance Fee * per annum 150 MSN / MSM – Optional for those who are working in hospitals
7 Cheque Bounced Charges * 500 For each instance

* Including 5% VAT

v) Optional Fee:

S.No Fee Details AED Applicable to
1 Examination Paper Review 200 per course
2 Replacement of Student ID card * 105
3 Replacement of Health Insurance Card * 105
4 Issue of Duplicate Hall Ticket * 50
5 Course Description Fee * 50
6 Additional Transcript Fee * 30
7 Student Permanent Academic Record * 500 For Master’s Transcripts
8 Certificate 'To Whom it may concern * 30
9 Certificate of Status Fee / Fee Advice * 30
10 Name Badge Fee (additional) * 30
11 Student ID Card Tag Fee * 10
12 Duplicate Locker Key * 30
13 Degree Certificate Reprinting * 525
14 Exam Fee (re-admitted students) 400 Per course
15 Transport Charges (Dxb/Shj-RAKMHSU) 50 One-way / per trip
16 Health Insurance Fee per annum * 2,400 Non Emirati students

* Including 5% VAT

vi) Visa Fee (Optional)

S.No Fee Details Amount (AED) Remarks
1 Visa Fee for foreign students per annum 2,100 including EIDA Card
2 Visa Security Deposit 2,000 onetime fee – refundable
3 In country and local amendment fee 750 if applicable
4 Visa Cancellation Fee 300 at the time of visa cancellation

* Including 5% VAT

Note: In case of visa rejected by the Immigration department after applying for the student visa, an amount of AED 500 will be deducted from the Visa fee and the balance will be refunded to the student.

vii) Transport Fee per Semester (Optional)

S.No Fee Details Amount (AED)
1 From Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & UAQ 6,250

* For transportation minimum 5 students must be registered for each zone to provide the service.

As per Federal Decree Law No. 8 of 2017, Value Added Tax [VAT] applied on certain fees at the standard rate of 5%. RAKCODS is academically a constituent college of RAKMHSU and financially managed separately, therefore VAT will differ for the fee components of BDS Program.

Optional fees such as Visa, Health Insurance, Transport etc will be subject to increase as and when government departments / concerned agencies raise their charges and the maximum cap does not apply.

viii) Mode of Fee Payments:

Fee can be paid through Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer / Online Payment Link / Debit/Credit Card / SKIPLY App (No transaction fee)

For International Telex Transfers, AED 150/- (approximate charges) has to be added along with the total fee towards bank clearance charges. Telex Transfer charges may vary for each country.

Student will be given credit only for the Net Amount Credited into our bank account.

Tuition fees for Readmitted and Transferred Students:

Readmitted, repeaters or students transferred from another institution who are not required to take all courses of the semester to shall only pay fees on a pro rata basis according to the total number of credits in the courses they are required to take in that semester. For all the following semesters, full semester fees will be levied.

Eligibility for registration of students:

  1. Student/s is/are deemed to be eligible for registration upon successful completion and meeting all the examination criteria for promotion for the subsequent semester.
  2. Mere payment of fees does not automatically qualify any student to be promoted to the subsequent semester/year of study.
  3. In case any student is eventually found to be NOT eligible for promotion, the fees amount already paid in advance by the student for the next semester/year of study will be adjusted against the fees for repeating the course/semester.

Registration of Students:

  1. Registration of students is deemed to be complete upon confirmation of admission to the University, along with payment of all fees for the respective semester.
  2. Students will be allowed to pay the fee in two installments in each semester. In order to complete the registration process, a post-dated cheque for the second installment has to be mandatorily submitted along with the first installment on or before the registration date.
  3. Any student who has NOT paid his/her respective semester fees in full will NOT be registered in the University Management System [UMS]

Late Registration Fee:

  1. After the expiry of registration date, students will be allowed to register within the following five University working days, to settle the fees due along with a late registration fee of AED 500/-.
  2. Students will NOT be eligible to enroll after the expiry of late registration date.
  3. Attendance shall be marked to the student in UMS software only from the date of settlement of all financial obligations to the University.

Students are advised to pay the fees on time and avoid any issues that may lead to invalidation of attendance, non-eligibility for appearing in examination/s, / loss of a semester / academic year etc. The students should also notify any delay in Registration to the Dean of the respective College immediately.

Action against non-registration:

The following actions shall be initiated after the expiry of late registration date unless the University gives special approval to continue to attend classes:

  1. The official University email ID of student will be suspended
  2. Student’s name will be suspended from all classwork including the clinical rotations, wherever applicable
  3. Student’s name will be suspended from UMS portal

Refund Policy (applicable only for Tuition & Transport Fee) – All other fees once paid are non-refundable:

Requests for refund should be made at the Office of Admission & Registration by submitting a written request of withdrawal / e-mail along with original fee receipt. Refund will be made only after clearance of all dues, if any, to the University. On approval, the amount shall be refunded as mentioned below:

Refund request submission – timeline for all Programs Amount eligible for refund
Any time after admission and tuition fee payment until 31st July 2023 50% of the tuition fee for the semester
All other fees once paid are non-refundable
On or after 1st August 2023 No refund of any fees

Refund of Transport Fee:

Students who decide not to avail the bus facility within two weeks from the date of commencement of classes will be refunded 50% of the transport fee. Beyond two weeks, the total fee paid is non-refundable.

For subsequent semesters, all fees once paid are non-refundable.

Policy for Cheque Bounce

  1. In case of cheque bounce, the respective student will be liable to pay a fine of AED 500/- [applicable on each such occasion] to the University and in addition to the fine, the entire fee dues must be cleared within five University working days from the date of cheque bounce. In case of any further delay to settle the fee dues, appropriate LEGAL ACTION will be initiated as per the UAE laws.
  2. Such student/parent/guardian/sponsor whose cheque/s has bounced will forego the opportunity of payment/s through cheque/s and henceforth for the remaining semester/s, they will pay by CASH [UAE Dirham] only.

Student Residence Facility:

Students of RAKMHSU are provided hostel facilities in the Student Residence Facility the Government of Ras Al Khaimah has built in the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) Campus. Hostel fees are not under the purview of RAKMHSU. The current fee structure is available from the Admissions Office or Student Affairs Unit at RAKMHSU.

Bank Loan Assistance:

On request by the student, the University will issue a bonafide certificate along with the statement of annual expenditure for the program to enable students to obtain the maximum educational loan from the banks. The student is ultimately responsible for resolving all issues involving loan delinquencies, defaults, and/or any other circumstances that would result in the student being ineligible to borrow through any loan program.

Health Insurance:

Health insurance coverage is essential for all students studying in RAKMHSU and the insurance fee is collected along with the tuition fee, on or before the scheduled date for the fee payment. Students who have their own medical insurance arrangements, shall submit a copy of the valid health insurance card to the University for records.

The student should opt for the university provided health insurance card by 30th September of each academic year. The university will not be able to enroll new members in the insurance scheme on or after 1st October, as per the contract between the university and the health insurance company.