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Date: 20-July-2020

RAKMHSU: Pursuing to be the best healthcare institute in Middle East

pursuing healthcare

RAKMHSU envisions to be a leading medical and health sciences university in the UAE dedicated to the provision of academic excellence.

Through its leading undergraduate and graduate programmes, the university is committed to the advancement of knowledge

RAK Medical and Health Sciences University is a comprehensive health sciences university established in 2006 and is owned by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah. The undergraduate and graduate programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing are fully accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) under the UAE Ministry of Education.

It was the first in the UAE to offer a two-year Masters' programmes in Nursing and Pharmacy in the UAE. There are 1,220 students from 45 countries currently enrolled, and until now 1,475 students have been graduated from RAKMHSU since 2011. Our students excel not just in academics but also in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Many of our students are pursuing higher education in the UK, the USA, Australia, India and Germany, etc., winning accolades in their chosen specialties. More than 600 nursing graduates, 50 per cent being Emiratis, are serving the UAE healthcare sector after their graduation from RAKMHSU.

RAKMHSU implements the most updated and internationally recognised curricula and teaching-learning methodologies with matching infrastructure facilities. An agreement with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) lets the university use four federal hospitals for the clinical training of its students (Saqr Hospital, Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital, Omran Hospital, Fujairah Hospital and the associated Primary Health Centers). RAK College of Medical Sciences is listed in World Directory of Medical Schools and has recognition from Ministry of Education of different countries as well.

Student learning is facilitated by a well-equipped central library with satellite centers in the teaching hospitals in addition to the well qualified faculty, free patient treatment and several other facilities.

The main building of RAKMHSU has 200,000 sq ft area, which houses the College of Medical and the new block has 96,000 sq. ft. dedicated to the colleges of Pharmacy and Nursing. College of Dentistry has its own building, a short distance from the main campus (G + 5 Floors). In addition, RAKMHSU has a well-equipped research facility, multidisciplinary sports Complex, a student center and the Cafeteria and lounge for students.

The state-of-the-art University Learning Management system, a robust online assessment system, experienced faculty and an exceptionally qualified IT team helped RAKMHSU to transition to online teaching and assessments with no loss of days in face of the Covid-19 challenge.

Leading the way
RAKMHSU envisions to be a leading medical and health sciences university in the UAE dedicated to the provision of academic excellence. It is committed to offering academic programmes in the medical and health sciences fields, to prepare both undergraduates and graduates students with critical practice skills and advanced knowledge enabling them to make a valuable contribution to patient and healthcare not only in Ras Al Khaimah, but also the UAE. The university is committed to contributing to the advancement of knowledge through its support for research conducted by its faculty and students.

Both the RAK Government and MoHAP sponsor all the Emirati students at RAKMHSU. RAKMHSU is surely and steadily walking in the path of excellence becoming the most favoured destination for the students in the Middle East.

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