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Last updated on: 12 Aug 2023

Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst Award

Collaboration between the University of Bradford, University of Leeds, UK and RAK Medical & Health Sciences University.

“Ran Dx an affordable highly sensitive predictive test for breast cancer recurrence and metastasis”

"Prof. El-Tanani's visionary leadership has achieved a remarkable feat, securing an impressive 4.7 Million Dirhams in funding from the prestigious Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst program.

This substantial grant stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to advancing innovative healthcare solutions and driving impactful progress within the biomedical field."


Professor Mohamed El-Tanani explained that the innovative RanDx test measures the levels of specific genes in cancer tissue samples, as the gene expression levels indicate the likelihood of recurrence of the malignant breast tumour as well as the spread of the disease to other organs in the patient’s body or not. As well as deciding whether or not the operable stage I and II patient needs chemotherapy or not. This is because some patients benefit from chemotherapy while others do not and are only exposed to the severe side effects of chemotherapy.

This project combines clinical, oncology, and pathology expertise provided by RAK Medical and Health Sciences University and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTHT) Trust by the University of Leeds (UoL), with expertise in cancer biomarkers, regulatory expertise provided by the University of Bradford (UoB), and commercialization expertise provided by CTD Ltd.