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Central Animal Research Facility

Services & Facilities

The Central Animal Research Facility is a core research facility of the RAKMHSU. We support pre-clinical animal research projects by providing in-breeding services in a sterile environment. We are planning to maintain breeding records using breeding colony management software that tracks stock/strain/line and heritage.

We have experimental expertise in creating animal models of various human diseases. We facilitate training for animal handling, drug administration, blood withdrawal, and wide-ranging surgical techniques. We have the experimental set up to assist with Complete blood count using an Automatic blood cell counter, Autoanalyzer for biochemical estimations, Microplate reader for different Colorimetric and ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), and Tissue processing for histopathology.

We have the following research equipment:

  • Hargreaves apparatus equipped with software for the screening of analgesics
  • Morris water maze, Elevated plus maze, and Light/Dark box instruments equipped with smart video tracking software for the neurobehavioral experiments
  • Non-invasive Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Blood pressure recording instrument equipped with high-tech software for cardiovascular disease experiments (procurement in-process)
  • Electroconvulsiometer, Plethysomometer, Paw Pressure Randall Selitto Analgesy-meter (proposed)
  • Well-maintained surgery room with Operating table and Dissection sets
  • Autoclave, Hot air oven, Vortex mixers, Microplate shaker, Tissue homogenizer, and Centrifuge machines (for 2 ml- temperature controlled, 4 ml, 15 ml & 50 ml tubes),
  • Metabolic cage, Induction chamber, Restrainers, Oral feeding needles, Animal weighing balance, and Analytical balance
  • Explosion-proof refrigerator (procurement in-process), Chest freezer & Refrigerator