CIRCULAR : COVID-19 Vaccination Update for all the new students     All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE.    All our programs are recognized by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.    RAK College of Medical Sciences is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools(WDOMS)

The Goal

The Dental Curriculum has been designed to achieve the following goals:

  1. To ensure that RAKCODS offers academic program in contemporary dental sciences which are recognized locally and regionally for the quality of its educational programs.
  2. To promote openness, diversity, just culture and interactive academic learning.
  3. To ensure that its graduates are equipped with updated theoretical knowledge and sound clinical skills which make them self-learners and critical thinkers with an ethical orientation.
  4. To contribute in the advancement of dental sciences knowledge and practice by support of research conducted through its faculty and students.
  5. To render health care services with the highest degree of ethical accountability to self and community.
  6. To accentuate the growth of RAKCODS by promoting academic activities in association with other organizations and institutions.