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Admission criteria for Doctor of Medicine (MD) program

1. Admissions General Requirements

  1. An EmSAT score of 800 for Arabic Language. Alternatively, the international students can register for a non-credited Basic Arabic Language course at the institution.
  2. An EmSAT score of 900 in Mathematics or equivalent, plus scores of 900 in two of the three science subjects (Chemistry, Biology or Physics). (Students who studied within UAE are required to submit the score)
    In case that EmSAT scores in Mathematics and two science subjects are not available, a candidate shall sit an equivalent Admission/Entrance Exam designed by the College which includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics. (This is applicable only for the International students who studied outside UAE).
  3. Passing a personal interview set by the College in addition to other conditions of admission set by the university.

Note : Applicants will be given priority for the admissions who have completed all the EMSAT subjects as per Ministry of Education requirements. Incase if you are not able to submit the EMSAT score, University will provide you until 31st Dec 2022 to submit the EMSAT score as approved by Ministry of Education.

1.2 English language requirements for Doctor of Medicine (MD) program: An Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) score of 1100 for English Language or an equivalent English Proficiency Test approved by the CAA. (TOEFL score of 500 in paper-based test OR 61 in internet based test OR Academic IELTS score of 5)

English language requirement validity: Please note that the validity of TOEFL paper based test & IELTS is two years only and for EMSAT English score is 18 months and these scores should be valid at the time of Admission process to join any of our programs.

NOTE: Admission requirements/equivalencies for various 12th grade foreign curriculum are shown below:

2.1 UAE Curriculum:

A minimum High School Average of 90% for Advanced Track or 85% for Elite Track or equivalent in Standardized International Systems is required with no admission of General Track applicants.

Examples of Foreign Higher Secondary School Certificates:

The following is a list of certificates and the corresponding minimum levels of performance required for admission to RAKMHSU programs. These certificates and levels of achievement serve as guidelines for admission to RAKMHSU programs.

2.2 American Curriculum:

An aggregate score of 90% is required. Preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics. If Biology is not taken in 12th Grade, a SAT II score of 550 in Biology is required. SAT in Math and English required to be completed in school for obtaining Equivalency Certificate.

2.3 International Baccalaureate:

Must have completed any six courses including Biology and Chemistry/Physics at the higher level and obtain IB score of at least 26.

2.4 Pakistan Boards/Certificate:

For Doctor of Medicine (MD): Higher Secondary School Certificate with aggregate of 75% can apply. Preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics (Part 1 and Part 2 total).

2.5 Indian Curriculum:

All India Senior School Certificate XII std CBSE/ISCE exams with 75% aggregate can apply. However, preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics courses.

Indian State board: 80% aggregate can apply. Preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics courses.

2.6 British Curriculum :

Students applying for the Doctor Of Medicine (MD) programs must have completed at least two Advanced Supplementary of AS level OR one A level in Biology with at least ‘B and above’ grade after having completed 5 IGCSE/GCSE or O levels with minimum grade of ‘B and above’ in O level courses (the aggregate is equal to 90%) equivalent to UAE curriculum.

Only courses classified as academic will be considered for admission. Courses must include Physics, Chemistry and Biology with at least two of them including Biology at the AS level/A level.

2.7 African Curriculum(WAEC/WASSCE etc)

A & B combination of grades in 12th grades in Biology and Chemistry can be considered. Preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics.

2.8 Canadian Curriculum(Ontario/Alberta etc)

An aggregate score of 90% is required. Preference in admission will be given to those with high scores in Biology and Chemistry/Physics.

Applicants from any other foreign educational curriculum not listed above must have secured a minimum aggregate equivalent to UAE curriculum 90% as per International Conversion Table of World Education Standards.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) Admission procedure:

The following steps will be followed for admissions to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program for Sept 2022 session:

  1. From the online applications received, a provisional offer letter will be issued to the highly meritorious amongst the fully qualified candidate asking them to remit the part of the seat reservation fee. Once the fee payment received, the candidate will be called to write the Entrance Exam which includes the following basic science subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Mathematics.
  2. After passing the Entrance Exam, a call letter for interview will be issued to the candidates for the interview which will be conducted on Google Meet. Admissions Committee consisting of Dean of the medical college & a panel of one or two Senior Faculty and In-Charge Admissions, Registration & Marketing will conduct the interview.
  3. Grade 12 results are declared for various Boards of study in UAE at different timings in 3 phases-starting end of May, mid of June and first week of July. Therefore, interviews will be conducted from June onwards every week until seats are full.

  • The admission will be done as per the merit list and within the CAA Guidelines and regulations for admission.
  • Candidates who are selected for admission after the interview will receive the Admission Offer letter by email from the University within 2 days with a timeline for acceptance and confirmation by payment of balance fees. If the candidate is accepting the offer of admission, he/she must comply with all the requirements specified in the Admission Offer Letter including submission of required documents and payment of fee on or before the stipulated date mentioned in the Admission Offer Letter. If the candidate does not respond within the deadline mentioned, the admission offer automatically expires and the seat is allotted to the next candidate in the waiting list.
  • On compliance of the above including payment of requisite fee, the candidate will receive a registered student ID number on email and due intimation from the University regarding further details on the Freshman Orientation Program.
  • Applicants should strictly adhere to the deadlines indicated for admission, submit online applications on time and upload important document copies mentioned such as grade sheets/ transcripts, EmSAT/IELTS/TOEFL scores etc and ensure application is fully completed before they click the submit button.
  • Once the seats are full, the remaining candidates who have qualified after interview will be waitlisted.
  • Waitlisted applicants and late applicants can be considered for admission if seats are still available for that program, within registration deadlines.
  • Admission of students are subject to the compliance of all requirements specified in the Admission Offer Letter.
  • All the documents submitted online by the candidates will be verified with the originals submitted by the candidates during admission and duly returned after verification as per CAA guidelines.
  • In case of non-compliance with any of the admission criteria/ false documentation submitted, the admission of the candidate will automatically stand cancelled.

The original documents to be submitted for verification by the candidate for verification are mentioned in the admissions offer.

Fee structure

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