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General Education Curriculum (BSN & RN-BSN) Program

General Education Course Description
Course Summary: This course covers the basic skills of the English language that are required at the undergraduate level of studies in Medical & Health Sciences. It focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking effectively in English. A comprehensive review of essential syntax and semantics required for medical and health sciences education is provided.

Course Prerequisite: ENG 101
Course Summary: The course is need-based for professionals in health care. It focuses on the soft skills in the English language required by the medical professional to interact with patients and their families. At every level, it emphasizes empathy and active listening skills while interacting with patients, their families as well as their colleagues. Students are exposed to techniques of communicating in different contexts encountered by a medical and health sciences professionals as well as a whole range of Public speaking skills including conference presentations.

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Summary: This course aims at teaching communication skills in the Arabic language. The course focuses on the skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The broad goal of this course is to enable the students to have a better understanding of the Arabic language to communicate with patients and hospital staff in their profession.

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Summary: This course is designed to develop a better understanding of Islamic belief and its application in life besides focusing on current modern medical and science issues in Islam. The broad goal of this course is to enable the students to have a better understanding of Islamic medical issues and appreciation of Islam as a way of life, its impact in the field of medicine, the contribution of Islam to medicine in general, and to sciences in particular.

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Summary: The Emirates society course seeks to consolidate national belonging and identity and appreciate the national achievements of the United Arab Emirates. The course focuses on introducing students to the main social features of the Emirati community and its core values and heritage, as well as the history and geography of the country. It discusses the internal and foreign policy, social development, and services provided by the State, including the empowerment of women and their role in society. The course also aims to shed light on UAE’s role in building an Emirati knowledgeable society, encouraging multiculturalism, and developing solid economic and technological infrastructure, as well as positioning UAE at a globally competitive level. The course also includes the future visions and challenges towards developing strategic plans as it will discuss Federal Government Vision and Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 and the different issues related to future development plans and the expected challenges.

Course Prerequisite: Year 2, Semester I & II Courses
Course Summary: This course is designed to assist the students to acquire an understanding of the research methodology and statistics and their nursing application. It will further enable the students to critique research studies and recognize the value of utilizing evidence-based nursing practice to improve the quality of care.

Course Prerequisite:
Course Summary: