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Dean's Message


Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to the RAK College of Nursing. It is indeed a great privilege and opportunity for you to enter into the noble profession of nursing to serve the humanity. You may be aware of need and demand for professional nurses in hospitals and community-based settings across the world and in UAE. The goal of RAK College of Nursing at the RAK Medical and Health Sciences University is to prepare you to meet the existing challenges of professional nursing. You will find that all our curriculum for different level degree programs are unique, dynamic, reflecting the needs of our changing health care system. Our curriculum balances theory with clinical practice.

The college is equipped with state-of-the art equipment to give students experience from practicing basic assessment skills to managing patients with complex critical care needs utilizing simulation experiences. Undergraduate students in the nursing program will experience individualized attention and have the opportunity to plan for a professional nursing career in a wide variety of areas.

The RAK College of Nursing has grown significantly since its inception in 2007 when it established a baccalaureate-nursing program. Currently, we have two undergraduate level educational programs: BSN degree for the high school graduates and RN-BSN Bridge program for the diploma-trained registered nurses. We are proud to make a mention about our Master of Science in Nursing degree program with four different specialties such as Adult Health Nursing, Pediatric nursing, Community Health Nursing and Psychiatric- mental health nursing. Now we have the accredited Master of Science in Midwifery program from this academic year 2020-2021.These are the first Master's program in Nursing& Midwifery in UAE. We have plans to offer Post Graduate Diplomas or masters in specialties like Oncology Nursing, Renal Nursing, Neonatal nursing etc. and Ph.D. (Nursing).All our degree programs undergraduate and graduate have the full accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Affairs, UAE. We also had Certificate course in Renal Nursing of six months duration, which has certification from European Dialysis & Transplant Nurses Association / European Renal Care Association (EDTNA/ERCA).

We have collaboration and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with few universities in Asia, Far East, Middle East and one in the United States of America for student and faculty exchange programs, research activities and for quality enhancement. We also have a local clinical agreement with government Hospitals of MOHAP, SEHA, DHA and private for RN-BSN clinical placement.

Our diverse, scholarly faculty are engaged in securing a laudable future for our students by ensuring undergraduate and graduate curricula that are responsive to the newer trends in higher education, nursing and health care. I hope that you find that the College of Nursing at RAKMHSU is just the right place to create your future. Once again, I welcome you to the RAK College of Nursing. We believe in serving students to the best of our ability.

Best Wishes & Bright Future.

Dr. Vijaya Kumardhas,
Dean, RAK College of Nursing