We are delighted to inform you that RAK College of Pharmacy, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, status has been redesignated from Provisional Certification (Category 2) to International Accreditation (*online evaluation) by Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) USA.     New fee structure updated for the academic year 2023-24.     All Programs are accredited by Ministry of Education, UAE.    All our programs are recognized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Pharmacy
Theory Practical
Continuous Assessment Comprehensive Examination Continuous Assessment Comprehensive Examination
In course Assessment 50

MCQs 100%
In course Assessment 50 OSPE/OSCE Practical examinations
Written Test 20 Daily assessment 25
TBL 20 Lab manual, viva 25
SDL Assessment 10
Total 100 100 Total 100 100
Ratio for Final Mark 60% 40% Ratio for final marks 60% 40%
S.No. Item No. of Assessments
1. In course Assessment 1
2. Written Test 1
3. TBL 1
4. SDL 1
5. Practical Assessment 1

Master of Science

Continuous Assessments
Type of Continuous Assessment Number Weightage Date of Submission / Schedule

Mid-semester Exams


01 for each

course (Theory/


60% of continuous assessments Week 9
Theory: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 40%;

Extended Response Essays (EREs): 60%

Practical/OSPE: Experiments; case presentation; Synopsis; Viva voce

Assignment 01 for each course 10% of continuous assessments

Will be notified at the beginning of semester
Seminar 01 for each course 15% of continuous assessment
PBL 01 for each course/ Integrated 15% of continuous assessments

Exam Type Number of Assessment Time of Examinations Weightage Components

Continuous Assessment

Details provided in table below

Contribute 60% to the overall marks

Details provided in table below

End Semester Exams

01 at the end of semester

Week 18/19

Contribute 40% to the overall marks

Theory: MCQs (40%) & EREs (60%)

Practical/OSPE: Experiments/CBL; Synopsis/Viva voce