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RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RAKCOPS)

RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RAKCOPS) commenced the B.Pharm program in the year 2007-2008 after the initial accreditation by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and Ministry of Education, UAE. Master Programs commenced in the year 2012-2013 for Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacy specializations and in 2014-2015 for Pharmaceutics specialization. All the programs are re-accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA). With 22 students in the beginning of the B.Pharm program, the college has grown remarkably well and is now having a total strength of 187 students. In the last 11 years a total of 268 students had been graduated with a Bachelor degree and 31 with Master Degrees. The college has signed MOUs with different pharmaceutical industries, international universities and hospitals for training and student exchange programs.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Program (B. Pharm) curriculum 2018-2022 comprises of four years duration with General Education (21 credits), Biomedical Sciences (12 credits), Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice related courses (106 credits) including Practice School with a total of 139 credits.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Program (B. Pharm) curriculum 2019-2023 is aligned at level seven of the ten level Qualification Framework Emirates. The program comprises of General Education (19 credits), Biomedical Sciences (11 credits), Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice related courses including Practice School and electives (103 credits) with a total number of 133 credits.

The curriculum has been developed to provide learning opportunities enabling pharmacy students to acquire fundamental knowledge, develop basic skills and required competence to be part of the health care team and contribute to the community.

Master of Science (MS) in the specializations of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics comprises of two-year program with the first year of course work and the second year for dissertation work.

Dean's Message


Dear Students,

Welcome to RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  You are very fortunate to have taken admission to the RAK College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which will take all the responsibility to develop you as young professional Pharmacists. 

The goal of RAKCOPS is to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and competence to practice pharmacy effectively and usefully in the society. 

B.Pharm curriculum is dynamic, need based and interesting. It has evolved continuously for over 13 years and standardized in many aspects like courses, content, laboratory exercises, team based learning continuous assessment, practice school training, end semester examinations etc., which will be an enjoyable learning experience for the students. 

The B.Pharm program is of 4 ½ years duration with 4 years of course work along with industry and community Pharmacy rotations in the 8th semester.  Ninth semester or last 6 months is exclusively for clinical training in hospital. This will expose the students to real life situations and prepare them to face the different challenges in their profession. 

RAKCOPS is also offering MS Programs in Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry to prepare specialist Pharmacists in their chosen field. 

Regular programs during the academic year including Students Orientation, Students Scientific Conferences, Community Outreach Activities, visits to hospitals and industries, Dubai ......

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